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Help Molly achieve her dream of entering the legendary Feria d'Arles - France's greatest bullfighting competition. Meet, betray, and generally become a nuisance to a host of characters. Point and click your way around the French city of Arles, famous for:

  • bull fighting

  • being difficult to pronounce

  • being where Van Gogh cut his ear off (and painted some masterpieces, I guess.)

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Screen 3 - Dialog at the Market.png
Screen 4 - A haircut if you're brave eno

With glorious pixel-art animation and quirky puzzles, this is a small game about a girl with big dreams.

DISCLAIMER: No bulls were harmed in the making of this game. (One parrot tried to start a fight.)

Adventure Gamers

Feria d’Arles is a warm and hilarious throwback full of clever puzzles and wonderful characters in a vibrant, colorful version of Provence.